• Apple Party Punch

    Apple Party Punch

    Your next party will be a hit for all ages with Martinelli's apple party punch.
  • Apple Cooler

    Apple Cooler

    Escape the heat of the summer with flavors of Martinelli's apple cider, apricot, and lime over ice.
  • Baked Halibut with Martinelli’s Cider

    Baked Halibut with Martinelli’s Cider

    A sweet and savory dish, baked halibut with Martinelli's cider is a light meal that is sure to please your tastebuds.
  • Raisin Apple Bread Pudding

    Raisin Apple Bread Pudding

    This fluffy raisin apple bread pudding made with Martinelli's Cider or Apple Juice is sure to be a family favorite dessert.
  • Martinelli’s Apple Pie

    Martinelli’s Apple Pie

    Try our classic apple pie recipe made with Martinelli's apple juice.
  • Scott’s Scrumptious Barbecued “Armadillo Eggs”

    Scott’s Scrumptious Barbecued “Armadillo Eggs”

    Spice up your breakfast with barbecued "armadillo eggs" that are sure to beckon the entire neighborhood.
  • Cider-Baked Sweet Potatoes

    Cider-Baked Sweet Potatoes

  • Acapulco Sunset

    Acapulco Sunset

    One sip of Martinelli's Acapulco sunset will transport you to strawberry, papaya, and apple paradise.