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156 Years of Product Excellence

We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1868, producing Gold Medal premium 100% juices from apples grown in the fertile Pajaro Valley in Watsonville, CA. Our products have been honored with more than fifty gold medals for excellence at state, national, and international expositions.

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Gold Medal Process


The Martinelli’s Gold Medal® process begins with a blend of U.S. grown fresh apples of the finest varieties, including the flavorful Newtown Pippin, which helps us achieve the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness with no concentrates or chemical additives.


The apples are thoroughly washed and hand-sorted to remove any defects and then ground to a pulp and cold pressed to release the delicious fresh juice.


Our premium 100% juice is then flash-pasteurized, hot-filled into new bottles, capped and quickly cooled to retain the fresh apple flavor. Our Sparkling Cider and other sparkling 100% juices are carbonated, cold-filled, capped, then slowly pasteurized and cooled in the bottle. Both end-processes result in product purity and quality for extended shelf life without chemical preservatives. The most sophisticated quality control methods are applied at every step in Martinelli’s Gold Medal® process to ensure superior quality.

Gold Medal Brand


Martinelli’s takes nature’s best and makes it better. Since 1868, we’ve been bottling joy, with fresh apples, a pioneer spirit, and a love for what we do. In honor of our family legacy, we act with integrity and compassion to serve and support our team, farmers and communities.


Martinelli’s. Real fruit. Real joy. Because life’s moments are worth celebrating!

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