Serves 2

This crisp and refreshing cocktail is a fruitier version of the traditional gin fizz. Fill your shaker with gin, simple syrup, egg white and orange juice, then shake and strain over ice. Top with Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry for a sparkling fizz with a delightful cranberry-apple twist.


  1. In an empty shaker, add gin, simple syrup, egg white, and orange juice. Shake well for 1-2 minutes.
  2. Fill the shaker with ice and shake again, until chilled. Strain the cocktail evenly between two highball glasses. Top with Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple-Cranberry, dividing evenly between glasses.
  3. Spoon over any remaining foam from the shaker on the top. Garnish with rosemary sprig and apple slice.

Cranberry Gin Fiz