• Apple Berry Sparkler

    Apple Berry Sparkler
  • All American Float

    All American Float

  • Freya’s Golden Apple

    Freya’s Golden Apple

  • Honey Bourbon Crush

    Honey Bourbon Crush

  • Make Me Blush

    Make Me Blush
  • American 75

    American 75

  • Paloma Con Manzana

    Paloma Con Manzana

    A unique twist on the classic Paloma. Slightly less tart & bitter and a little more juicy and sweet. Combo of the apple, lime, grapefruit and tajin hits all the senses! Sweet, spicy, salty, tart & refreshing.

  • Apple Pie Smoothie

    Apple Pie Smoothie

    Drink your dessert with this quick and easy Apple Pie Smoothie. It comes together in just 5 minutes and has all the delicious flavors of Apple Pie minus the wait.