• Martinelli’s Berry Bubbly

    Martinelli’s Berry Bubbly

    No holiday season would be complete without raising a glass together to toast your favorite friends and family! This winter, celebrate the season with a refreshing cocktail of Martinelli’s Berry Bubbly, made from US grown fresh apples!
  • Martinelli’s Whiskey Mule

    Martinelli’s Whiskey Mule

    Elevate your next cocktail experience with Martinelli’s! This holiday season celebrate in style with our Martinelli’s Mule cocktail, made from 100% US grown fresh apples!
  • Martinelli’s Bourbon Bubbly

    Martinelli’s Bourbon Bubbly

    This season raise your glass to celebrate in style with a sophisticated Martinelli’s Bourbon Bubbly! Made from 100% US grown fresh apples, you’ll taste our highest quality ingredients in every sip.
  • Martinelli’s & Cognac

    Martinelli’s & Cognac

    Look no further for a cozy cocktail to accompany your next gathering. Celebrate with a Martinelli's & Cognac cocktail, made from 100% US grown fresh apples!
  • Bubbly Love Cocktail

    Bubbly Love Cocktail

    The best way to get red carpet ready for the Grammy’s is to create a blend of bubbly so refreshing and classy that when you take a sip, you’ll feel as if you’re there amongst the best names in the music industry.
  • Leading Lady

    Leading Lady

    Lights, camera, action! Our “Leading Lady” cocktail was inspired by the Academy Awards and features our main star, Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Peach Cider.
  • And the Globe Goes To

    And the Globe Goes To

    It’s officially award season, and the only drink fit for the Golden Globes is one made with Martinelli’s gold medal winning unfiltered apple juice.