Have fun making the jack-of-all-lanterns! All you need is an iconic Martinelli’s apple shaped bottle to transform a pumpkin into something worth saving year-after-year. It’s a great craft making project for kids and parents this Halloween season.

How to Make a Bottle Jack-O-Lantern

Put your knives away and pull out your craft supplies. Carving your own pumpkin has never been easier. The rounded shape and molded glass leaves of Martinelli’s bottles makes for the perfect jack-o-lantern vessel. Your crafty touch makes it a keepsake.


Step 1: Set Up

Place your completely dry Martinelli’s bottle on a protected surface so the paint sticks.

Step 2: Paint

Move from top to bottom to evenly coat each side of the glass. Spray downward, 5-8 inches back to prevent drips.

Step 3: Repeat

Allow 2-3 minutes in between coats until the jar is properly covered.

Tip:  Apply a crystal clear acrylic top coat to prevent scratches and imperfections.


Step 4: Leaves

Paint the leaves green or the color of your choice.


Step 5: Face Time

Use a white crayon to draw a jack-o-lantern face onto the black felt. Once you’re happy, cut out the face.


Step 6: Glue

Apply a thin layer of rubber cement to the back of the black felt face pieces. Press felt firmly onto the jar, one at a time, holding each piece for 5-10 seconds.


Step 7: Light

Add lights inside the jar to make it glow in the dark.

Toothy or spooky, impress your neighbors with a festive pumpkin that will never spoil.