As a business, we are constantly looking for ways to operate as sustainably as possible. Our plan for future sustainability focuses on conservation, recycling, and our brand new orchards.



As a certified Green Business, we have:

  • Upgraded our lighting system with more efficient LED bulbs
  • Helped local growers convert from large ground sprinklers to more efficient drip and micro sprinkler irrigation
  • Increased water efficiency by 25%

New Orchards

In 2016, we planted 52 acres of apple trees in two brand new local orchards.

  • 12 acres are certified organic
  • Both new orchards were planted in a high-density format, which will allow for more efficient farm practices which include harvesting, pruning, and better yields per acre
  • Planting new orchards and encouraging local agricultural endeavors are ways of moving forward as we celebrate our upcoming 150th anniversary as a company


We are committed to sustainable practices, such as:

  • Making all our packaging 100% recyclable
  • Recycling all the materials used to produce our products, such as glass, plastic, and cardboard
  • Repurposing our apple juice pulp as cattle feed at a local dairy

Environment Policy Statement

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