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Martinelli's Gold Medal Process

How We Make Our Apple Juice & Ciders

Fresh apples of the finest varieties, including the flavorful Newtown Pippin, are blended to achieve a balance of natural sweetness and tartness. The apples are thoroughly washed and hand-sorted to remove any below standard apples, then milled and pressed to release the fresh juice.

Martinelli’s premium 100% juices are flash-pasteurized, hot-filled into new bottles, capped and quickly cooled to retain the natural apple flavor. Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider and other sparkling 100% juices are carbonated, cold-filled, capped, then slowly pasteurized and cooled in the bottle. The pasteurization process assures product purity and quality for extended shelf life without preservatives. At every step in Martinelli’s Gold Medal® process the most sophisticated quality control methods are applied.

Martinelli’s Gold Medal® apple juice and cider (the traditional name for apple juice) are identical. Both are premium quality 100% juice from U.S. grown fresh apples, with no concentrates, no added water, no preservatives, no sweeteners and no additives of any kind.