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Martinelli’s Position on Water Fluoridation

The City of Watsonville, California has been the home of Martinelli’s production and bottling operations since 1868. Recently, the City Council voted to fluoridate its municipal water supply despite strong objections from the community. In Watsonville and many communities throughout the country, the issue of water fluoridation has been controversial for decades. Proponents of the practice advocate its effectiveness in preventing tooth decay. Opponents cite evidence that water fluoridation may not be the safest, most efficient or effective way to achieve this goal. Studies have shown that fluoride works best as a topical treatment, as in toothpaste, while treating the entire body systemically is both an inefficient and problematic approach to combating tooth decay.

In view of the many compelling arguments against the practice of fluoridation by numerous researchers, physicians, toxicologists, dentists, and the National Research Council’s landmark review of fluoride, the Martinelli family has long been a vocal opponent of water fluoridation. Many of our consumers have also expressed concerns about the consequences of ingesting fluoridated water and the Martinellis believe this should be a personal choice.

Martinelli’s 100% apple juice has always been made from US grown fresh apples, with no added water, sweeteners or preservatives. Some water, however, is used to reconstitute the juice concentrates in our blends. It is our Company policy to make sure any water we add is as pure and natural as our juices.

Therefore we will use fresh water from our own well so that no fluoridated water will be added to any of our products. Because of Martinelli’s commitment to quality and purity, our customers can continue to expect only the purest of ingredients from S. Martinelli & Company, right down to the water.

For additional information on this controversial issue, we invite you to watch Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation. This video explores many of the possible health consequences of water fluoridation and concerns expressed by both experts and consumers.

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