Since 1868 Martinelli's Gold MedalDrink Your Apple a Day

The History of Martinelli's

A Family Tradition Since 1868

In 1859, Stephen G. Martinelli, a young Swiss, settled in the temperate and fertile Pajaro Valley near Monterey Bay, where the apples were of exceptional quality.

In 1868 he founded S. Martinelli & Company, producing bottle fermented Champagne Cider with apples from California’s first commercial orchards. Martinelli’s Cider soon became well known as the finest available. In 1890 it was awarded the first prize gold medal at the California State Fair, leading to the adoption of the brand trade mark, “Martinelli’s Gold Medal®.”

In 1916, Stephen G. Martinelli Jr. developed a process for making unfermented apple juice, while a student at the University of California. During prohibition, the company grew by specializing in non-alcoholic apple juice products, including the first non-alcoholic sparkling cider. Martinelli’s unique “Golden Apple®” jug was introduced in 1933, along with the slogan, “Drink Your Apple A Day®.”

The Modern Era

Today, S. Martinelli & Company is managed by the founder’s grandson, Stephen C. Martinelli, (Chairman of the Board) and great-grandson S. John Martinelli, (President).

Continuing plant modernization and expansion, along with improvements in packaging and distribution, have enabled the family owned Martinelli Company to keep pace with consumer demand for premium 100% natural apple juice products.

Photo Album

Stephen G. Martinelli (1843–1918)Stephen G. Martinelli (1843–1918)Stephen G. Martinelli Jr. (1892-1964)Stephen G. Martinelli Jr. (1892-1964)Stephen C. and S. John MartinelliStephen C. and S. John Martinelli
S. Martinelli's Cider Plant (1880's) Martinelli's Watsonville Swiss Band in 1875 Champagne Cider Display, July 4th, 1889
Al Toroni worked with Martinelli's over 60 years Bottling Apple Juice, October 1917 Packaging Sparkling Cider, 1934
Parade Entry, July 4th, 1935 S.G. Martinelli Jr. and 1935 Cider Plant Today's Chairman of the Board, Stephen Martinelli, in 1940
Alice Martinelli (left) bottling quarts during WWII Stephen Martinelli, sons Robert and John, 1968 100th Anniversary