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  Frequently Asked Questions

What is the shelf life of your products?

Any Martinelli’s products that are unopened and stored in a cool, dry place should retain their quality for 3 years (in glass) and 2 years (in plastic) from the date of production. Any products that are opened must be refrigerated and are good for 5–10 days. In 2004, we began printing a “Best by” date on all products.

What is the difference between Apple Juice and Cider?

Martinelli’s apple juice and cider are the same; the only difference is the label. Both are 100% pure juice from U.S. grown fresh apples. We continue to offer the cider label since some consumers simply prefer the traditional name for apple juice.

I have a question about my online order… or I need to make a change with my order. Whom do I contact?

For questions regarding Web Store orders, please contact the Martinelli's Fulfillment Company at 800-347-6994

How do I get my favorite store to stock my favorite Martinelli’s juice?

Please make your request through the store manager.

Are Martinelli’s products gluten-free?

Yes, all Martinelli’s products are gluten-free.

Does Martinelli’s personalize labels for bottles or sell bottles without labels?

No, all Martinelli’s products are manufactured with labels pre-attached, and therefore cannot be personalized.

Does Martinelli’s offer plant tours?

Due to safety reasons, we do not offer plant tours. You are welcome to visit our front office, view Martinelli’s memorabilia and purchase juices and apparel. We are located at 227 East Beach Street in Watsonville and are open Monday-Friday 8am-12pm, 1pm-4:30pm.
Note: Office hours may change. Please call ahead for juice sales.

Does Martinelli’s offer discounts on their web store for large (bulk) orders?

No, we do not offer discounts on web store purchases.

Are Martinelli’s bottles recyclable?

Our glass, 10 oz plastic bottles (code 1 PETE) and half-gallon and gallon bottles (code 7 Other) are recyclable. You can visit for information from the American Plastics Council on the types of materials that can be recycled.
Recycle Codes

Do Martinelli's bottles contain BPA?

None of our plastic bottles contain bisphenol-A (BPA) or phthalate plasticizers. For more information, please see the attached letter from Graham Packaging Company, manufacturer of our plastic containers. Some of our metal caps, which are not in constant contact with our juice, do have an epoxy coating that contains trace amounts of BPA well below the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment's (OEHAA) proposed Maximum Allowable Dose Level (MADL) of 290 micrograms.
Letter from Graham Packaging Company